Deputy Prime Minister commends CAFOD campaigning in Hallam



Deputy Prime Minister and MP for Sheffield Nick Clegg made a special appearance at Notre Dame High School on the 15th October. Sixth form students invited Mr Clegg to take part in a special assembly at the Sheffield school and hear their strong concerns about poverty and the impact of climate change on developing countries.

Students have been busy drumming up local support for the ‘Act on Poverty’ campaign. By targeting fellow students, teachers and family, they have collected almost 1,400 signed action cards calling for the Coalition Government to honour commitments to support some of the poorest people in the world.

The CAFOD ‘Act on Poverty’ campaign is calling for the UK Coalition Government to:

• Push for a fair climate change deal at the UN

• Honour the commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on aid for the poorest by 2013

• Ensure businesses are accountable to people in poor countries affected by their operations.

Speaking at the event Nick Clegg MP said:

“It’s inspiring to see the great work the kids have done to support CAFOD’s Act on Poverty campaign. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many postcards. I’m proud to see children in Sheffield spreading the word about poverty and engaging with big issues like equality, injustice and the impact of climate change around the world.”

Ben Baron, 16, who took part in the assembly, told the audience:

“Now the excitement of the election is over the new government has to get down to business. One of their priorities must be to act on poverty. It’s vital that climate change, aid and accountable business are on their agenda so children in developing countries have the same opportunities as we have here to learn and to thrive.”

After the presentation and speech from CAFOD Director, Chris Bain, Mr. Clegg took time to pose for photos, chat with students, and agreed to take their call to action back to Westminster.

CAFOD’s Director, Chris Bain, said: “I’m delighted to be here today to see our ‘Act on Poverty’ campaign in action. It’s great to meet these fantastic CAFOD supporters who do so much to support us in our mission to campaign against social injustice around the world. But we need the message to get through, and that’s why I’m delighted that Nick Clegg is here today to listen to the concerns of these students and take their message back to Parliament when he returns to London.”

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About cafodhallam

CAFOD is an aid and development agency dedicated to improving the lives of the poorest in our world. In the UK we work to educate people about the causes of poverty, inspire them to campaign to address issues of social justice and inequality, and support them in fundraising activities. Overseas we work with local partners in 40 countries in South America, Africa and Asia to deliver long-term development projects and emergency aid. CAFOD's headquarters are in London and CAFOD Hallam is the local office for Sheffield and the surrounding area.

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