Faith & Love in Action #4

Generous God, your Spirit hovered over the waters, you breathed life into the earth and created a world of plenty. Look on us as we break bread together, and guide us to take only what we need so that all your people may have enough. Father of all, there are many among us who go hungry. Help us to listen and respond as one family so that, as we break bread together, we may glimpse your Kingdom here on earth – a Kingdom of welcome and plenty for all. Amen! (Catherine Gorman/CAFOD)


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About cafodhallam

CAFOD is an aid and development agency dedicated to improving the lives of the poorest in our world. In the UK we work to educate people about the causes of poverty, inspire them to campaign to address issues of social justice and inequality, and support them in fundraising activities. Overseas we work with local partners in 40 countries in South America, Africa and Asia to deliver long-term development projects and emergency aid. CAFOD's headquarters are in London and CAFOD Hallam is the local office for Sheffield and the surrounding area.

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