What a ray of sunshine – Power to Be!

Jenny Seymour is part of the Schools Volunteer Team in CAFOD Hallam, who have been instrumental in encouraging children and young people to take part in CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign.

Before the summer holidays began CAFOD launched a new campaign, Power to Be, about the difference that access to renewable, local and safe energy can make to the lives of the poorest people in the Global South.

Having access to electricity is essential for everyone to achieve their dreams and to live a better life.  Think about how you have used electricity already today: a fridge to keep your food safe to eat (and of course vaccinations/medicines at the right temperature), lights so that you can continue to work or study beyond the hours of daylight; computer to communicate with others around the world….the list is endless.

The campaign encourages children and young people to speak up for renewable energy sources – to show them that they have a voice!  People are being asked to petition their local MP via a page on CAFOD’s website and in particular schools were taking part in a lovely activity to create a sun like this one, with messages to people in power that you want everyone child to have the opportunities which access to renewable energy would bring.  Power to Be sunSome of these messages from the children were truly inspiring: making their voices heard that every child should have Power to Be whatever they want to be.

We asked every class or group that took part in this activity to send us through the pictures of their sun and each ray of sunshine and to tweet about their activity, so that we could add these messages to the petition that will be sent to Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative at the World Bank to let her know that we believe that a greater proportion of the World Bank’s money should be spent on renewable energy around the world.

So please do click on the link above and add your name to the petition that will be sent to Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative at the World Bank.  The aim is to get to 20,000 signatures and we are almost there already!  which is great news – thank you!

If your school or group did take part in our Power to Be activity please do send through the return form at the end of the campaign form (also on link above) to let us know that you have taken part.  This shows we’re part of a bigger movement speaking up with other schools around the country about the power of local, renewable energy.  Joining together will make our message to the World Bank even stronger.  Finally, please remember to share your photos with us on Twitter and Facebook.  Tag @cafod and email your photos and stories to schools@cafod.org.uk as soon as you can, so that we can ensure all of the children’s messages are heard.



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About cafodhallam

CAFOD is an aid and development agency dedicated to improving the lives of the poorest in our world. In the UK we work to educate people about the causes of poverty, inspire them to campaign to address issues of social justice and inequality, and support them in fundraising activities. Overseas we work with local partners in 40 countries in South America, Africa and Asia to deliver long-term development projects and emergency aid. CAFOD's headquarters are in London and CAFOD Hallam is the local office for Sheffield and the surrounding area.

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