Journey to Justice – A CAFOD Retreat

Jenny Seymour is a volunteer for CAFOD Hallam

In the current political climate it is easy to feel exasperated by the world we live in and the impact current decisions may have on our children and also the wider world.

As catholics who believe in God’s creation, and here at CAFOD, we strive for a more just world that everyone can enjoy:  where everyone has access to the same human rights.  The word that underpins all of this is “justice” for all.

100 years after the birth of Oscar Romero (who was beatified in 2015), a continuing inspiration to CAFOD, CAFOD are running a number of retreats across England and Wales this autumn.  These retreats, A Journey to Justice, give those who attend the opportunity to reflect on their own journey, be inspired and enriched by stories of those who continue to speak out for justice today and follow in the footsteps of the great Oscar Romero.  An opportunity to take time out to reflect in a busy world!


The day long retreats are FREE, but donations are always accepted of course.

To find your nearest retreat and register, please click on the green “register” button that you will find when you click on this link.

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