Round the World a Second Time

Round the world a second time-We just had to try! So on July 1st, 18 people from three churches -St Joseph, Moorends, Our Lady of the Assumption, Stainforth and St Nicholas,Thorne set out to walk 3 miles from St Joseph’s to Thorne and back. The guidelines in the Cafod booklet made organising the walk very simple and we shared the stories of refugees as we walked. Talking and walking work well together as we all shared stories,prayers and ideas. The inter church cooperation meant we had refreshments at both ends of the walk – very welcome, given that it was a very hot day.One lady described our symbolic walk in support of refugees as a genuinely spiritual experience .55 miles were added to the new totaliser-but we hope to do more walks and add more miles before September.

Get on your bike and make a difference for CAFOD

Mark Conway is fundraising for CAFOD again…

Family bike ride

One way of doing it…

Get fit with your family and help support some of the poorest people in the world by joining in with a CAFOD family bike ride on Sunday 1st July. It’s being organised by Mark Conway, a teacher from St. Wilfrid’s, who last year rode from Sheffield to London for us, raising well over £1000.

This year, he’s not going as far but hopes to do the ride with a lot more people! The route is just over 3 miles, starting at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield and heading through Fulwood, to end up at Ringinglow by the Norfolk Arms. The journey goes through parks and is on and off road but shouldn’t be too challenging for you and your children.

Mark Conway

Mark would love you to join him for his latest fundraising bike ride

Mark also plans to use the event to raise awareness about CAFOD’s Share the Journey campaign. Inspired by Pope Francis, we’re calling on governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move.

Everyone is welcome to join in. As Mark says, “it would be great to hear from you if you or your family want to bring a bike and make a difference.” You can contact him for more details at Even if you can’t join him, please consider sponsoring him instead.

Fundraising concert an amazing success

Jeremy Cain, Community Participation Coordinator for CAFOD in Hallam, reports on a young man with a mission.

Norbert's concert 3

Norbert Boratyn helping CAFOD to help people in poverty to help themselves.

Every so often, an email comes in that gives you a sense that something good is about to happen. So, when I received this at the beginning of December, I couldn’t help but be a little excited:

“My 14-year-old son Norbert has started his Edinburgh Project bronze award. He is looking for voluntary work about 1 hour per week for a minimum of 3 months as part of the project. He is a very devoted Catholic and active in his parish church of Our Lady of Lourdes. I just wonder if he could be of some help to the Hallam CAFOD and use his talents and abilities for its service and complete his project.”

They answer, of course, was yes but, at that time, I had little idea just how talented and able Norbert would turn out to be! Roll forward five months and he’s staging a fundraising concert in his parish, starring him and his friends on various instruments as well as cakes from around the world. It’s no mean feat for anyone, but it’s certainly not something your average 15 year old could do. Norbert, however, is not your average 15 year old. Here’s what Michelle, one of our volunteers who was there on the night, said: “The event went brilliantly. Norbert had done a brilliant job of organising everything.” Not bad a recommendation, is it?

Norbert's concert 4

Norbert performing on the night

So here, in his own words, is what happened…

“My amazement at the generosity of the audience and their enthusiasm in participating in the event is indescribable. I am pleased with how the concert turned out and my greatest thanks go especially to my parents for helping me with the whole event and our parish priest, Father Paul, who gave us permission to hold this event and supported us. The parish social fundraising committee also played a great part in making this concert a reality. The children performed beautifully and the musicians from the Sheffield Music Academy astonished everyone with their talents. I’m grateful to Martin Cropper, the Music Director, for coming and treating us to this unique experience. I believe that the audience appreciated and enjoyed the diversity of genres presented at the concert. Gifts donated by the parishioners for the raffle attracted a lot of interest as well and brought a lot of fun. And we then had the refreshments. The variety of cakes from different countries proved to be an attraction to everyone; from what I saw, the people were enjoying them a lot. CAFOD had been supporting me all the time and I was pleased to meet a few of their representatives at the event. Overall, I feel proud to say that the concert was a success and we raised £405 for the poorest in the world, which gets doubled by the UK government to £810, an extraordinary result. I’m sure we have created unforgettable memories.”

Norbert's spice competition poster

Spice up your life with CAFOD!

An extraordinary result, indeed! And he’s not finished yet: this week he’s also organising a Spice Competition in his school to raise yet more money. I think the idea is to see who can identify the most “mystery” spices from their taste and smell alone, but I’m waiting to hear how it goes.

Many thanks to Norbert for all his commitment, imagination and hard work on behalf of people living in poverty all over the world. What he has achieved is truly amazing! If you’d like a little inspiration to something similar, take a look at our fundraising guide or get in touch with us on