All Saints School Raise Thousands For CAFOD!

A Sheffield school worked together to raise a staggering amount for charity and provide gifts to people in need across the world.

All Saints Sheffield

All Saints Catholic High School raised more than £2,000

All form groups at All Saints Catholic High School fundraised during Advent to reach a combined total of more than £2,000.

The money was used to buy World Gifts from CAFOD.

World Gifts are a range of alternative charity gifts that  help transform the lives of poor communities and families in developing countries.

All Saint Chaplaincy Co-Ordinator, Bernie Healy, said: “There was all sorts of fundraising ideas from the form groups, including sponsored silences, Christmas card making, and much more.

“One form group raised £100 by selling hot chocolate! All the pupils did really well and I am very proud of them.”

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Fun Sheffield Games Night For Connect2

A Sheffield fundraising group strengthened their links to communities across the world with a fun games night. P1010050

Around 50 people of all ages gathered at Sacred Heart Hall in Hillsborough for a night of quizzes, raffles, bingo and exotic food.

More than £500 was raised for CAFOD’s Connect2 scheme by the Sheffield North Deanery. Connect2 links communities in England and Wales with people in Brazil, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Cambodia and Peru.

Connect2 is built on CAFOD’s values of solidarity and partnership, where parishes in the UK are able to stand alongside communities overseas to fight against poverty and injustice.

The money raised was sent to Puentecitos in El Salvador which Sheffield North Deanery, a collection of a dozen churches, is linked to.

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DIY Christmas Crackers with CAFOD World Gifts

Jeremy Cain, Community Participation Coordinator for Hallam diocese, has a cracking suggestion…

Christmas cracker

Pull the other one!

Why are Christmas trees bad knitters? Because they keep losing their needles.Why was the turkey in the pop group? Because he was the only one with drumsticks. And my favourite: what do you give a dog for Christmas? A mobile bone!

Christmas cracker jokes never let you down- groaning at them is all part of the fun! But the toys are always a disappointment, even in the posh crackers from famous department stores (£70 for 6, if you can believe it).

DIY crackers

DIY Christmas crackers

So here’s an idea for this year- make your own! There’s plenty of instructions for how to do this on the internet or you can even buy kits from places like Hobbycraft. Not only will it be an enjoyable activity to do with the kids but you can choose exactly the gift- and the joke- you want to include.

Just to be different, why not choose a World Gift? Buy online, select the ecard option, and you’ll receive a beautiful illustration you can print out, roll up and include in your cracker. Either buy an expensive gift for everyone to share or get one each of our cheaper gifts- you could even include some colouring pencils or a Divine chocolate coin! However you do it, you’ll be making Christmas dinner that little bit more special by both remembering and helping people living in poverty.

Health clinic

Give a health clinic for Christmas

Of course, if you’re still looking for that perfect under-the-tree present for your family and friends, World Gifts might also be answer. Have a look and see what inspires you. After all, for the man/woman who has everything, what better than something for someone who has nothing?

And if you really are stuck for something to buy for that special person, can I suggest a broken drum? Why? Well, you just can’t beat it!!