Tickets Available For Sheffield Dance Show

Tickets are available for the charity dance show ‘Puttin on the Ritz’ at St Francis of Assisi church in Sheffield.

The event will feature a variety of performances from dance groups of both ladies and children, all who have been training for a year.


There are four shows on Saturday 25 February at 3pm, Thursday 2 March at 8pm, Friday 3 March at 8pm and Saturday 4 March at 3pm. All will take place at the church hall on Sandygate Road.

Dance teacher Sarah Bennett has helped the dance groups learn their various routines. She said: “A lot of hard work has gone into this, the dancers have all been very committed for 12 months.

“There will be lots of variety and even one routine with top hats and canes!

Founding Director of the Dance Club and CAFOD supporter Grazyna Swales commented “The St Francis church hall will be transformed and everything that we raise will go to support CAFOD’s Syrian Refugee Appeal.  As well as giving our community the opportunity to be entertained and have fun, I feel very strongly that we must remember those who are in need ”


Also performing at the shows are a volunteer band and other solo artists.

Tickets, priced at £6  for adults and £3 for children between 3 and 12 years,  can be bought after Sunday mass at St Francis of Assisi church or by calling Grazyna Swales on 0114 230 8196.

Hallam Diocese – Refugee Solidarity Pilgrimage


Hallam J&P Lampedusa pilgrimage

Saturday 22 October 2016 was the most beautiful autumn morning as we met in the Hall at St Peter-in-Chains, Doncaster to have a cup of tea before starting our pilgrimage.  St Peter-in-Chains is the most perfect spot for a mini pilgrimage as there is a Rosary and Way of the Cross garden.  Each station has a stone from pilgrimage abbeys and churches up and down England.  Our Lady of Doncaster was a major shrine on the way north on the Great North Road.

We finished our tea and 25 of us set off on our pilgrimage.  Just as we reached our first stop the rain came down, which I was assured by one of my colleagues was the angels weeping in mercy.  I wish they’d applauded with joy but at least they didn’t weep too long and we ended in the dry.  We reflected, prayed and sang the hymns loudly and sweetly.  As Vince, our leader, said, “We had the makings of a very good choir”.  We also had help from Greg who played the guitar for us and covered up many of the not-so-good notes.

Download resources on the refugee crisis for use in your parish or school

We ended by entering the Door of Mercy and completing our cards to share with refugees by the shrine of Our Lady of Doncaster.  It was a very moving occasion and we all agreed a beautiful liturgy.  We had representatives from all the major towns in the Diocese.  Many of the attendees took a copy of the liturgy with them and are going to do the pilgrimage again in their own parishes.

Our solidarity with each other and the 65 million displaced people from their homes by war, persecution and hunger was complete.  Perhaps the angels were telling us that a little suffering was good for us as we contemplated the incomparable suffering of those 65 million people.

Helen Donlan (Hallam J&P Commission Chair)

CAFOD young leader Antonia speaks up


Notre Dame

Notre Dame High School Young Leaders

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for helping others. I was always the first one there to put money in the charity box or to purchase a wristband and badge at a fundraising stall. My mother has always taught me to be a generous person and says that, sometimes, the smallest actions can create the biggest impact.


On Sunday 22nd May 2016, I visited St. Peter’s Church, Ellesmere, in the hope that my small gesture may indeed amount to something much bigger.

Once I had learnt about CAFOD’s World Gifts and enlightened others through assemblies at school, I felt the urge to spread the message to a wider community. I was amazed at how CAFOD could change so many people’s lives in this way and knew that it was my duty to pass this idea on to others. My initial instinct was to contact my childhood parish and try to organise a five minute slot where I could introduced CAFOD’s work on a deeper level and perhaps encourage others to get involved. Naturally, they had already heard about CAFOD and were more than happy for me to come in and speak to their congregation: I was delighted!

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