Join us in Doncaster to Share the Journey

Share the Journey Walk – Doncaster 2nd September 2018

Parishioners from all over  Doncaster are meeting at Lakeside at 3pm on Sunday 2nd September to walk in solidarity with those who are forced to leave their homes and families.

Everyone is welcome to join with them!

The CAFOD campaign, Share the Journey, calls on world leaders meeting at the UN in September to put the human dignity of people on the move at the heart of the two compacts they will be discussing: one on refugees; one on migration. Every minute, 20 people around the world are newly displaced. Half the growing number of refugees are children. So campaigners are asking our Government and others to ensure there is a compassionate response which:- respects human dignity, protects the vulnerable, supports host countries, keeps families together and tackles the reasons why people migrate.

NOW IS THE TIME to take action. World leaders are gathering at the United Nations to discuss plans which could mitigate the suffering of Refugees and Migration. It’s not too late to support this campaign and walk in solidarity with 250 million people who have little or no choice but to leave their homes in search of peace and security and reflect on our own journeys.  Please join us in prayer  now for a united global response that achieves these aims.

Share the Journey prayer

God our refuge, you share the journey with migrants and refugees,

lightening their footsteps with hope.

For you, Lord, are close to the broken hearted.

Pour out your Spirit upon world leaders. May they see the tragedies of our human family, and be moved to respond with wisdom, compassion and courage.

Open our eyes and hearts to the God given dignity of all your people. Move us to welcome our neighbours and so bear witness to your love.

 Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Rachel McCarthy/CAFOD




Round the World a Second Time

Round the world a second time-We just had to try! So on July 1st, 18 people from three churches -St Joseph, Moorends, Our Lady of the Assumption, Stainforth and St Nicholas,Thorne set out to walk 3 miles from St Joseph’s to Thorne and back. The guidelines in the Cafod booklet made organising the walk very simple and we shared the stories of refugees as we walked. Talking and walking work well together as we all shared stories,prayers and ideas. The inter church cooperation meant we had refreshments at both ends of the walk – very welcome, given that it was a very hot day.One lady described our symbolic walk in support of refugees as a genuinely spiritual experience .55 miles were added to the new totaliser-but we hope to do more walks and add more miles before September.

Share the Journey and follow Pope Francis’ call to support refugees

Jenny Seymour is a schools volunteer for CAFOD Hallam and delivers workshops and assemblies to primary school children across the diocese


Pope Francis asks us all to share the journey

I was really excited when I read the headlines last week: “Pope Francis launches new CARITAS migration campaign.”  Doesn’t sound intriguing or particularly exciting as a headline, but for me it means that the work I am doing within primary schools in my diocese is so current and consistent with the Catholic social teaching and global social justice. It means that the children who take part in our refugee pilgrimage and “share the journey” with refugees will feel as though they’re taking part in something much bigger.  Hopefully, by hearing their parents and grandparents recognising this journey (after seeing Pope Francis’ empassioned plea) and the importance of walking alongside these poor people who have found the need to embark upon potentially treacherous journeys for a better and safer way of life, they will learn compassion towards them as well.

Share Journey

The schools team at CAFOD have been delivering the refugee pilgrimage, based upon the story of the boat that sunk off the coast of Lampedusa, for over a year now.    As soon as the children complete their journey, we ask them to write a message of hope that are then either passed onto refugees or are offered up in a mass for refugees.

These messages have been absolutely inspiring for me and I hope that by following Pope Francis’ call to share the journey many adults will also feel as inspired to help those of God’s people less fortunate than ourselves to find a safe place to live and work.  After all, this world is our common home and each and every one of us should have the same rights to share in it and live life to the fullest.

If you work in a school and want your pupils to take part in our pilgrimage, please contact your schools volunteer or Jeremy at the CAFOD Hallam office (see details at the bottom of this blog).