….and I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!

Jenny Seymour is a primary schools volunteer for CAFOD Hallam

This phrase was being shouted as loud as possible by the KS1 and Foundation stage children at St Wilfrids Primary School in Sheffield when they helped me to re-tell the story of the 3 little pigs on my recent CAFOD visit.

JS three little pigs

Luckily there is no Big Bad Wolf in my story! But, I used this story to tell the children how a large hurricane (the big wind which was my equivalent of the big bad wolf!) hit many villages in the Phillipines and caused their houses to blow down, as they weren’t built at that stage by bricks or cement, as with the 3rd little pig in our story.  Instead, their houses were built with sticks or hay, like those of the first 2 little pigs.

I was able to share the good news with our children, which was that, with the help of CARITAS Internationalis, CAFOD’s partner, these villagers were given the products required to make their own cement and build stronger homes, shops and, perhaps most importantly in our story – a barn for our 3 little pigs!

The children had great fun helping me to re-tell the story and were able to very easily translate this into the experience of those villagers in the Phillipines, as they all knew so well what happened in this fairy tale.

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All Saints’ team victorious in Subsea UK’s STEM Challenge

All Saints, Full winner photoJenny Seymour is a schools volunteer in CAFOD Hallam

Students from All Saints Catholic school champion have been involved in a national challenge to use new technology to help care for our environment and reduce pollution.

With climate change being a big part of everything we do at CAFOD, it was amazing to hear about this STEM Challenge and to celebrate the success of our local pupils.

A team of pupils from All Saints Catholic Secondary School in the Hallam diocese have been crowned champions of the Subsea UK 2019 STEM Challenge, which saw five teams from across the UK compete to design an underwater vehicle to collect plastic from the sea. The STEM challenge, led and organised by Subsea UK saw more than 50 teams of secondary school students compete in regional heats to earn their place in the final in Aberdeen.

The team had to research the environmental benefits of using robots to collect materials that cause pollution in the ocean and near to islands to conserve both the marine and wildlife and their habitats. They also had to deliver a presentation to the other groups and explain what all of the different sensors were used for, how they conducted testing and overcame issues, as well as taking into account the environmental effects of pollution.

CAFOD are delighted by this news!  It is really inspiring to hear about development of new innovative technology that will care more for creation and our common home.  It is  great to learn that one of our local school partners has contributed to the design and research for this challenging project and we hope it inspires them to continue their work and share the lessons they have learned to other school children, who are indeed our future!

In the light of Laudato Si, CAFOD are working together on a new campaign called Our Common Home, to encourage the Catholic community to opt for alternative ways of living to mitigate climate change and help to conserve our God-given environment and all that dwell in it.

If you would like to know more about CAFOD’s current campaigns, please either click on the links above or visit cafod.org.uk.



Could you be our next Climate Champion?

Not a week goes by without a news headline reminding us of the damage our current lifestyles are doing to the earth’s resources: from plastics found in our oceans to ice caps melting in the Arctic, if we don’t change our lifestyles, the future of our earth looks bleak.

God gave us this earth to share – it is our home!  Pope Francis called us to look after the resources that God gave us and care for our common home in Laudato Si and we should put our faith into action and help to preserve our valuable resources. At CAFOD, our Campaigns team is currently recruiting for some new Climate Champions for 2019 to help promote the importance of climate change.

Last year’s Climate Champs created blogs, took part in radio interviews, and promoted CAFOD’s campaigns within the Dioceses. We’re hoping that the Champions of 2019 will take on our new climate campaign and participate in the mass lobby planned for later this year, as well as engage with campaigners from all over Europe.If you know someone 18-35 years old who is interested in climate change and sustainability, campaigning, or CAFOD and our development work, please encourage them to sign up and spread the word….https://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/How-to-Campaign/Climate-Champions

Article written by Jenny Seymour – CAFOD volunteer in Hallam Diocese